Posted June 16, 2014 and filed under News & Events.

Committee: Lion Leah [Chair]; Lion Douglas; Lion Eugene; Lion Henry

Lion Eugene Chow

Lion Eugene Chow

This is the Edmonton Chinese Lions Club’s third annual tree-planting event continuing the legacy of Past President Lion Tam to plant 1,000,000 trees. Because of the caring and dedicated Lions around the world, 6,000,000 trees were planted. We are proud to have held our third annual tree-planting event on Saturday, June 7th , 2014 at Hermitage Park and it was a huge success.

Upon arrival, all volunteer tree planters registered and received a neon band to put on their wrist for easy identification. There were coconut buns for everyone and water bottles to start the day.

We had 87 volunteers register and join together with 5 horticulturalists from Edmonton Urban Forestry to plant a small forest on the side of a hill within Hermitage Park. The 87 volunteers included 20 inner city youth that were brought by Assist Community Services Centre. The youth reportedly enjoyed themselves very much and are looking forward to next year.

Together, 92 people planted approximately 1,500 various plants and trees over the course of just under three hours with one break snack and water break. It was fortunate that it had rained a fair bit before the event, softening the land and making it easier to dig.

After the three hours of planting, all 92 people enjoyed barbecued hot dogs and hamburgers and watermelon. Following that, the youth and children enjoyed a soccer game, Babington, blowing bubbles and everyone enjoyed fellowship.

Lion Bonita Lau and Lion Stacey Chan

Lion Bonita Lau and Lion Stacey Chan


Bouquets of thanks to the tree planters for all your of your hard work planting a little forest of 1,500 plants and trees.

The following is a list of volunteers that are greatly responsible for a successful event: Lion Stacey Chan; Lion Lan Chan-Marples; Lion Eugene Chow; Lion Bob Hiew; Lion Gwen Hsieh; Lion Darcy Knoll; Lion Bonita Lau; Lion Douglas Lim; Lion Angie Loo; Lion Henry Lung; Lion Simon Yu and friends Jackie, Janet, Kim, Lisa and Mike.

Thank you to our sponsors:

  • Canada Safeway, Oliver Square for contributing lunch for 92 people;
  • To Malaysian Singapore Social Association for sponsoring a bus for the youth;
  • To Bee Cool Window Coverings for water

Until next year, ROAR!
Lion Leah