Who are the Lions?
Lions are people from all walks of life who are interested in serving their local community. Lions clubs exist in large and small communities worldwide, making Lions International the largest service club organization in the world.
The Edmonton Chinese Lions Club is comprised of Edmontonians who are invested in helping those in need in the Edmonton area. We are a diverse group of individuals from different backgrounds and with different interests, united in the fact that we want to help our fellow citizens.
What do the Lions do?
Essentially: We Serve. Lions do what is necessary to benefit their communities. Each club listens and responds to the needs of their area, meaning that each Lions club is able to provide the most useful service possible for the people nearby. The Edmonton Chinese Lions Club has a history of rolling up our sleeves and “getting dirty” — in some cases, like our tree planting days, quite literally!
Do I have to be Chinese to join ECLC?
Not at all. We are called the Edmonton Chinese Lions Club because our club was chartered by many members of Edmonton’s Chinese community. Today, we are pleased to have members from many different backgrounds.
What kinds of projects does ECLC do?
The Edmonton Chinese Lions Club’s mandate is to serve, and we are committed to serving Edmonton’s inner city communities. We host a range of projects, including family literacy fairs, tree planting days, serving meals to those in need, providing a friendly atmosphere for seniors, and fundraisers for local charities. Please visit our Projects page for more information.
How do I join?
Please visit our Become a Lion page to find out more about what new members can expect to gain for joining us, and to contact the membership chair.
I want to partner with ECLC − how do I do this?
Please email our president: president@edmontonchineselionsclub.com.
I want to donate to ECLC − how do I do this?
Please email our president: president@edmontonchineselionsclub.com.
Can ECLC sponsor my event?
Our Club’s focus is on Edmonton’s inner city population; particularly multicultural communities and those in the most need. Even so, like most non-profit organizations, we only have so much money in our annual budget. If you would like to request a sponsorship or donation to your event, please email our president: president@edmontonchineselionsclub.com.

If your question wasn’t answered above, please ask us — visit our Contact page for details.