July 2022

ECLC President Lion Paul Cheung

Dear fellow Lions,

It is my pleasure to reunite with fellow Lions at the Edmonton Chinese Lions Club. I am also very honored to serve as your President in this coming Lionistic year of 2022−2023.

In the past two years, the world went through a lot during the COVIC-19 pandemic. Its impact is devastating in great magnitude medically, socially and economically. Now, as the world starts to lift public health restrictions and resume normal activities, here the Lions have an important role to play in the community … that is to revitalize our communities.

I am happy to announce that the Edmonton Chinese Lions Club will resume meeting at the Dynasty Century Palace Restaurant on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Dinner is $17/person. Please come join us and find out about the great new exciting plans of this Lionistic Year of 2022−2023.    

Let’s revitalize from within and beyond. There must be an activity you would love to take part in such as; community outreach, seniors’ supports, children’s literacy, and homelessness reduction strategies.

In Lionism we are one.

I look forward to seeing you.

Yours sincerely,
Lion Paul Cheung
President, Edmonton Chinese Lions Club