Hello World!

Having been involved with the Edmonton Chinese Lions Club since I can remember, I am honoured by the opportunity to be the 2019-2020 ECLC President. Throughout my life I have watched as members of this club – many of whom are still involved today – worked to make our city better through serving our fellow citizens.

During my presidential term, I will focus on the areas of mental health and wellness, and food security. Both of these topics are quickly gaining the public attention they deserve given their significant impact on the strength and well-being of our communities, and I am proud to lead the charge in improving them here. As a team, we will increase Edmontonians’ access to better mental health resources and better food security, so to create better communities.

Alongside our legacy projects, we will also search for new ways to give back to the community we come from through financial assistance and “getting our hands dirty.”

Additionally, I will work to improve the resilience of our Alpha Leos Club and its members. It is important to me that we ensure these future Lions (and community leaders!) continue to have the opportunities that this club provides, including mentorship, networking, and sharing fellowship with peers.

I anticipate an exciting Lionistic Year, and I hope for your support and assistance in serving our City of Champions.

Sara Chow
President, Edmonton Chinese Lions Club